On Valentine's Day, 2019, Amazon announced that it will no longer pursue making New York City home to part of it's HQ2 Campus.

For those not following, or those reading this 20 years from now, a consumer goods and services behemoth called Amazon grew in size to the point it felt it needed a headquarters on both coasts of the continental United States. To not only split up the potential burden on local economies created by way of increased property values, but also to bring a considerable number of jobs to the area, they elected to split their second headquarters among two locations- Virginia, and New York.

Amazon made it blatantly clear they were backing out NOT of their own volition. Due to an insurmountable amount of political pressure put on the company, Amazon felt that trying to move forward would only breed resentment among local politicians, but also the mindless zombie constituents blindly following the whims of the figureheads they elected. Honestly, I can't blame them. I would have done the same.

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A Site... Reborn


For those who have followed EasyTechAnswers over the years, you may think "this is a lost cause at this point, they're moving their website to Google Sites!?"

The truth is, yes, we all work full-time jobs and haven't given the site, or our content the attention it deserves. That is currently changing. To our loyal fans, we apologize.

The biggest kick in the pants for us was the transition by YouTube to ONLY pay out on ads if pretty stringent criteria was met. Fact is the traffic just wasn't enough for us to qualify. We are going to make another run at it, but we need your help getting there. Like us, share our videos, WATCH our videos. If our videos don't cover a topic you want to see, let us know. We want to tailor our content to you, not the other way around. We don't want passing "trends" in tech to sway the direction we take. This is all about YOU.

With that, I wish to welcome you all back, and hope we can deliver on every expectation you have. :)